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Asseco SE - Integrated Simulation Environment

The simulation environment consists of three separate parts



GCS – Ground Control Station software


accurate flight simulation and weather engine


autopilot or software embedded flight controller

According to customer needs, the simulation environment can be equipped with a real-life autopilot (hardware) or basic flight control structure which can be implemented as software solution. Simulation capabilities strictly depend on Asseco GCS software which is normally used for real-life flight operations. The system architecture ensures the highest level of integrity with real-life flight procedures.

  Multi-platform support.

The simulation can be conducted with the use of more than one flying platform. The simulation process is based on complex calculations which depend on airframe dynamic and aerodynamic behavior. In this case, for multi-platform operations simulation, additional computer stands are needed for most accurate and close to real-life operations. In this structure, each simulated platform is flown by a separate autopilot module inside the simulation engine. All telemetry data is transferred between GCS software and additional simulation engines/autopilots. This structure allows for multi-platform simulation and control from single or distributed GCS module.

  Platform implementation.

The simulation engine has a possibility of customer-defined platform implementation. The airframe model can be implemented based on real-life platform airfoil, geometric and aerodynamic parameters.

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