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PSR System – supporting the design of the rescue system

The PSR system is a number of tools allowing for visualization on maps - the current and desirable states concerning Threats as well as Forces and Means of units in the National Rescue System, created on the basis of analytical models and standards written in the PSR system. 

Its main aims are predicting places and risks related to occurrence of disadvantageous events and effects of their occurrence, via automatic generation of Threats Map and Risk Map based on historical information downloaded from the reports base of the Command Support System (System Wspomagania Dowodzenia - SWD) of the individual Rescue Units. Additionally, when contradicting information with Forces and Means of individual Rescue Units registered in the Command Support Systems (SWD) the PSR system allows for optimising deployment of Rescue Units and their equipment in order to increase the Safety Level oft he areas endangered with disadvantageous events. 

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