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Modern technologies and the skills to use them, are becoming the basis for the proper functioning of medical establishments. Asseco has partnered for many years with the health sector and participates in its dynamic transformation. Our solutions support the operations of more than 420 hospitals in Poland as well as the work of physicians in more than 14 thousand clinics and medical practices. We create solutions for the Ministry of Health and the Center of Information Systems for the Protection of Health or units of the National Health Fund. Our Blood Bank system works in most Blood Donation and Treatment Centers. Asseco specialists also work in prevention systems that monitor the health of Polish citizens. We create all of our solutions based on many years of experience and the information collected from our customers. Our offer for health also includes comprehensive e-health systems that are implemented by Marshal and Provincial Offices in the framework of regional projects.


The largest supplier of IT for Healthcare

Asseco Poland, once again is the leader of the ranking of the largest solutions provider for the healthcare sector. Last year (2015) Computerworld magazine ranking, our solutions proved to be dominant in the treatment units in Poland - Thus, once again we proved that our experience, supported by opinions of the users of our systems guarantee the highest quality of the offered solutions. With particular emphasis on the latest technology and legal requirements resulting from changes in healthcare in Poland.

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Trusted Partner

The activities of Asseco Poland in the area of health care would not be as effective if not reliable and proven cooperation with hospitals, clinics and medical centers throughout the country. Staying technology and business partner for our customers, we strive for years to relationships and mutual understanding of the needs and problems. We understand that through our management systems, these doctors and managers build the relationship and the trust of their patients and the medical community. We are pleased that our customers are among the largest hospitals in Poland, as well as smaller centers and clinics. Our solutions are of the highest quality.

Picture of physician.The largest provider of IT solutions and services for the healthcare sector

Asseco took first place in the category of companies with the highest gross profit for 2014 years. Furthermore, the Asseco Poland reported the highest revenues among all companies in the ranking. The company has achieved the highest level of sales in three sectors: public administration and the uniformed services, banking and finance, and healthcare. Asseco also proved to be a sales leader for service and application deployments.

Photo of surgeons working on mobile devices.Asseco serves more than half of hospitals in Poland

Asseco software solutions are used by nearly 56 percent of healthcare institutions listed in the ranking of the biggest hospitals in Poland. Five out of the top ten medical centers are served by our company. The ranking has been prepared by the medical industry magazine, Puls Medycyny. It includes 400 hospitals that generated the largest revenues in 2014.

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List of companies have current partnership agreement with each county can be found at Partners in Health. There's also a downloadable PDF file from the current list of our partners throughout the country.  Partners in Health.

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