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BIPSE - security of the teleinformatic system

The function of the BIPSE system is to ensure security of the teleinformatic system for controlling electro-energetic infrastructure. It is done by detecting threats, analyzing and filtering traffic, intelligent and active monitoring of devices and ensuring reliable and hacking resistant transfer of technological movement. Thanks to the use of BIPSE system, it is possible to remove the unwanted traffic and warning about attack attempts on the teleinformatic infrastructure of the energy production.

The basic part of the system constitutes the Hub of Safe Communication cooperating with other elements of the security system responsible, among others, for controlling the state of network, reaction for the detected threat, visualization of threats and informing about the detected anomalies. The Hub of Safe Communication is the logical module grouping all elements of the system installed within one single unit of the electro-energetic station. In the global scale, the BIPSE system functions as a federation of such hubs within the independently managed domains of energy companies.


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